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Re: A very good point, Marty

Marty4650 wrote:

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I am not saying you will not use them, or that they will absolutely vanish. I think most will abandon them. I have seen in with friends and so many others, like the OP in this thread, I see more and more every day.

The vast majority of those people probably used cheap P&S cameras previously.

I think a lot of people forget that point. The overall decline in camera sales has occurred for more than one reason. The smartphone did totally replace the cheap P&S camera and can be rightfully blamed for their sales decline.

Back at the peak, P&S cameras outsold ILCs by a factor of something like four to one. The VAST majority of cameras sold were this type of camera, and it also accounted for a large majority of camera maker revenues. This is the customer that is permanently gone.

But the decline in sales for higher grade camera had nothing to do with competition from "more convenient smartphones."

The high end user doesn't crave convenience. They crave quality and performance. And this is true in every human pursuit. People always are willing to accept more size, weight cost, and inconvenience to have the best quality anything.

Midrange and high end camera sales are being hurt by two other factors:

  1. Product maturity - every camera made in past five year works pretty well
  2. Market saturation - anyone who ever wanted a digital camera already has one

Well stated Marty, these views might conclude the whole thread.

Just some additional comments. As most basic P&S cameras since the beginning of the 21th century have only been equipped with a rear display, without any EVF/OVF, most people have been used to that, and the transfer to phone cameras with a quite similar display has been smooth.

However, those people (like myself) who prefer an EVF/OVF and who also prefer the better ergonomics and the real push keys of dedicated camera, those will not be very happy with phone cameras. (And those people might also value the photographic and optic qualities of the higher class dedicated cameras)

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