Short Eared Owls and me.

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Short Eared Owls and me.

It`s that time of year again when the short eared owls leave their northern breeding grounds and head further south to overwinter in slightly warmer temperatures.I thought I`d put together a few pictures that I would not normally show with my thinking at the time without the language that usually would accompany such an outing!

I`ve been here for about two hours and it`s getting cold but all of a sudden an owl appears in the bottom corner of the meadow and all thoughts of freezing feet are put on hold.O.K. move slowly and lets try and get a better angle for take off.

This would have been perfect but for the Exmoor ponies that graze in the meadow.Mood lowers!

Moving  back to the original position and all of a sudden a second owl appears.Mood gets better!

Can`t believe my luck as the owl settles down leaving the other bird in the background.

A bit of a shuffle could mean ready to hunt!Hope so as the light is going down.

With the light holding it helps to keep a decent shutter speed as they have a look around.

All of a sudden an unfortunate vole is spotted and down we go!Although it looks light the shutter speed drops dramatically as the owl gets a strike and takes off with the prey!Plenty of shots taken but too slow to show!

Slightly miffed and the light going down I decide to give it best and settle for what I`ve got.On my way back I don`t put my camera away as some wise old sage once told me `you are never finished until you get back to your car`.All of the years that I have remembered that and nothing has happened but.........On my left hand side stood this beauty with the low winter sun full on the bird.It`s strange how my thought process turns from one of delight to greed....if only it would turn to show me those big eyes with that sun full on and.... did,not a bit of the cold late winters afternoon is felt now!

As you can imagine one sight of me and the owl took off only to fly to a meadow across the track and land on a post allowing me to capture the bird against the light and it`s still one of my favorite images.So as you can see our wildlife in the wild is worth all of the effort even if there are no award winning images taken.As they say it`s the taking part that counts and I didn`t swear once,honest!

All images with the(you`ve got it) V3,70-300 cx. Time for a brew!

Nikon 1 V3
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