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fferreres wrote:

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fferreres wrote:

It tells me you are one of those that can leverage maybe longer tele and advantages of M43 which has several, especially video and tele. Also the great wether sealing, etc. if EM1/1X bodies. And that you are increasingly a minority. My comment is about the future choices being more limited. I am not sure M43 format can thrive, to the contrary.

Phones are so 2020s, we need to be thinking ahead. Sooner than later, everybody will have their own personal drone that will follow them around by sight, it will have cameras and can recognize it's owner with face recognition. It will follow you and take your photo on command, upload it, and even do basic PP on it.

Phone cameras will become obsolete in short time, they are a dying breed, soon to be dinosaurs. It's sad to see all the people clutching to dying tech like this...

It's an important point that it is about the photos, and not even about the photos, but about what can be imaged and reproduced (can be 3D models, stereo, etc). Maybe a drone? An electric dog? An electric dog that creates a 3D scene of static landscape without any important occlusion? In IR? UV? We don't know but imaging will all but evolve.

I don't disagree but that also shows the difference in our industries. Some people want a "camera" for imaging, others want a camera for photography. This is why so many people here don't consider most of the mobile crowd to be photographers, it's so clearly not what they are interested in.

I've literally said it here on DPR, the act of taking the photo is a passing fad for phone and social media users, once they don't have to push the buttons and it's all automated, they will gladly move on. I like taking photos. Big difference.

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