Sony A7II or Fuji X-T2 (also, FF or APS-C, IBIS or not)

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Re: Sony A7II or Fuji X-T2 (also, FF or APS-C, IBIS or not)

JpGomez wrote:

Eugleo wrote:

I asked the same question over in buying advice forums, but I guess you guys might want to chime in as well and have many interesting opinions.

Hey, I'm able to get both for around the same price (maybe Fuji slightly cheaper). I'm a beginner photographer, this will be my first real system.

I like to do street/travel photography, maybe sometimes landscapes and architecture. No wildlife, sports or any other fast-moving subjects or video—I still prefer a mirrorless system, though, for its compactness (if need be) and EVF.

Based on what I was reading, I came up with the following pros and cons:

A7II pros over XT-2

  • FF (better for nice DOF and low-light photography)

Reason why I jumped from APS-C to full frame.

It’s hard to quantify this one, though. I don’t plan to shoot some super low-light photos, not very ofter, at least. However, I heard that FF usually buys you around a stop of light, the lens spec being the same, and IBIS might buy you some more, if you are shooting stills. That might mean that given there is only X of light or less, ISO 100 for Sony should really be compared with ISO 800 on Fuji — and now there they might be some IQ differences as well.

The question is, how big is this X? When does the IBIS and FF start to noticeably matter? Cloudy day? Then it’s significant. Night-sky photography? Then I don’t care. Where do you think the borderline is?

  • IBIS
  • can adapt good old lenses (as I don't mind MF for my use cases)

XT-2 pros over A7II

  • IQ allegedly basically the same as A7II or better
  • great build quality
  • great handling
  • ... basically everything else is better or on-par compared to A7II

I give it to Fuji, their design is really good.

There's four things that keep me from buying XT-2 straight away

  • I don't know anything about Fuji lenses (are there any cheap ones out there, so I can have a nice range of focal lengths before finding out what I need and like)?

This one you need to research on, I don't shoot Fuji, but I think the price of their APS-C lens are up there like Sony full frame lens. (I maybe wrong)

There are some pretty good lenses for around 400$ new, mostly some fast, quality primes — the zooms are noticeably more expensive, though. I also heard there are some 3rd larty oprions for Fuji as well, but haven’t checked it out, yet.

Also 3rd party are flocking e-mount full frame system. There are well priced FF lenses from Tamron & Samyang that fit the bill, and Sigma is also pushing quality lenses directly competing with Sony GM for fraction of cost. Lots of option out there.

Another thing, if you can wait to save and shell out for an a7III, It'll be worth than a7II.

I can’t justify spending so much on a hobby I might drop next year... Maybe once the prices drop, but not now.

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