NX500 with 16-50 PZ OIS soft photos problem. Is it solved with FW update or not?

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Re: NX500 with 16-50 PZ OIS soft photos problem. Is it solved with FW update or not?

I know this is an old thread, but I found a solution to this and Thought I would share.

My problem that on my NX200 and NX3000 16-50 PZ results with OIS on (on either level) were excellent, at all focal lengths. On my NX30 literally every picture with a shutterspeed under 160th had horrible shake. Turning off OIS made the problem go away. The results with my 18-55 with OIS on were fine.

Solution: Enter the developer menu

There are instructions here: https://www.dpreview.com/forums/thread/3197696 If these instructions don't work for you, it will most likely be the text file, I had to make mine on a windows machine). Note that the button combination in this thread is wrong, it should be: DOWN, OK, UP, OK, RIGHT and the HOLD EXP COMP and PRESS OK.

Go to menu item 4.) -> 1 OIS Adjustment. The lens will make a grinding noise, the screen will say 'Processing...' and after a couple of minutes you're all done.

Since I did this all pictures have been sharp on the NX30 with the 16-50 PZ. My guess is that each lens is measured in the factory to note variations and this info is stored in the lens memory. The calibration compares lens info with sensor position and makes a couple of adjustments so everything is synced. Hasselblad have a similar system for calibrating digital back modules to bodies for best results, so this makes sense.

Incidentally, in 3.) Adjustment Control -> 6. Adjust Result you can get a shutter count for the body.

Probably too late, but can't hurt to save a few others some grief.

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