iPadPro Workflow for Non Adobe users without using Photo’s

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iPadPro Workflow for Non Adobe users without using Photo’s

I’ve got what looks like a reasonable workflow that’s coming together now that iPadOS has been out for a little while. This is based round 3 products:

  • Pixelmator Photo: Pro Editor
  • Affinity Photo
  • Shortcuts

Pixelmator Photo acts as a good photo editor for most things that you may want, Affinity Photo takes it up another level with many features not available in Pixelmator, and Shortcuts provides the glue to link Affinity to Pixelmator.

Pixelmator integrates very well with Files, enabling you to use and view both local storage and USB-C connected storage

Shortcuts can be used to create an action in the Share window (press on an image or hit the share icon) to accept an image and open Affinity Photo with that image. I created a simple one that works – took 5 mins with the help of Google.

Affinity can then edit to your hearts content and save back to the file system. Pixelmator will even pick this image up in Files and display it (subject to what file format you’ve saved in).

With this approach I’ll be able to use the iPadPro when out and about (think extended holiday) rather than carrying a bigger laptop, using the USB-C attached file storage for backups etc. and Pixelmator as a kind of LR equivalent for light editing, and round tripping from Pixelmator into Affinity if needed.

This way Photo’s is avoided completely, File system is used as storage using a structure and location of your choice and and 2 very good editors capable of outputting amended images as TIFF, JPEG etc.

It’s taken a while, but the iPadPro is finally turning into a useful device for more than just browsing!


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