I finally found my camera after trying almost every system

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Ben of the North
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I finally found my camera after trying almost every system

I know some of you are in the same position that i was, searching for a camera system. There's so many pros and cons for everything, it's easy to get lost.

When I started photography more seriously I was with Canon, I had the Canon 60D, a really good camera back in the day, a classic DSLR. Canon cameras are easy to use, well built, they have the best menu ergonomics on the market in my opinion. But I wanted something smaller and I wanted to try mirrorless...

... so, a few years later I switched to mirrorless with a Fuji X-T1. Immediately fell in love with the retro look and the manual knobs. And this is with that camera that I really learned photography. Setting your ISO, Speed and opening manually is the best way to understand and learn. It was amazing. But I idnt like the lens selection of Fuji and I found that the interesting lens were very pricey...

... so I switched to M43... because I liked the lens selection and the weight of the lens was very interesting. I got a Panasonic G85. Panasonic have, with the Canon, the best menu ergonomics, very cool to use their cameras. But, the image quality was not as good as I expected... I was used to the image quality of my Fuji XT1 and i noticed a drop in IQ.. M43 needs lots of light to stay in low ISOs ... So I sold everything....

... and got back to Fuji with the X-T20, then the X-T2 the next year, because the X-T20 was too small and  the handling was bad. Amazing image quality again with Fuji. And, in GAS crisis, I sold everything to go back to M43! Yeah I know!

I got the Panasonic G9, a really amazing camera, one of the best I ever used. I got better lenses than the first time with my G85. I produced high quality pictures with this camera. But, again, in low light, the limitation of the M43 sensor was noticable and I found the G9 to be heavy with good lenses, like the Pana-Leica 8-18mm... Too heavy for such a small sensor... I thought it made no sense. So, for this, I sold everything once again!

And now, after many weeks of analysis by comparing lens selection, price, weight and features. I finally choosed to go with the Sony A7 III.

The Sony A7III because the lens selection is wide, lots of choice, lots of brands. Because the Sony system has the lightest available full frame lenses on the market available, there's a few high quality, cheap, bright, lightweight Samyang lenses available for the system. Lots of very bright prime available. Its a very popular system, easier to sell and buy used lenses. And, its full frame, I finally have a full frame camera for the first time!

I dont like the Sony menus, one of the worst in my opinion, but I will get used to it.

And the Sony A7 III because I'm done with M43 for good. Because Canon and Nikon APSC cameras sucks and/or have bad lens selections. Because Canon and Nikon full frame cameras are WAY too heavy when combine with lenses, and the lens selection is limited and pricey.

So, my last option was going back to Fuji with the XT3 or getting a Sony a6600 or a Sony A7 III .... The setup I wanted with Fuji would have cost me over 4700$CAD and I wasnt that excited with the lenses I choosed. The Sony a6600 i wanted would have cost me over 4000$CAD but I wasnt that excited with the camera after trying it at the store.

So my last option was the Sony A7 III, the setup I want will cost me 3700$

So, yeah, I'm a Sony shooter now. I dont know if this will help anybody in here.

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