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Re: You don't feel at home with a new camera the first day

Magnar W wrote:

nobuchika wrote:

As someone who recently bought into the Sony system, I will agree that the ergonomics, menus, and controls leave ALOT to be desired.

It takes time to get used to a different form factor, no matter if you move to a Sony camera, or if you leave this brand for a new camera. I experienced this myself when switching to mirrorless FF cameras. It took me more than a week of full time work to get comfortable with the new camera. Now I use these cameras like everything is made for me, simply because I am used with them.

I don't quite see how the hundreds of menu items should be organized to give a better user experience. They are now organized in logical groups, and you can even put often used items to "my menu". These cameras are also made to be customized: Setting up button functions to fill your needs, make the excellent Fn menu perfect for your photography, programmed modes, etc. etc.

How would you suggest a better organization? To match the camera you came from, simply because this is what you were used with? Does such an approach make sense?

However, every time I sit down at my computer and see the immensily pliable the raw files are with the outstanding dynamic range and the supreme crispiness and detail from the quality glass and high resolution sensor without pesky AA filter....none of that other stuff matters and I know I made the right choice.

Being able to fully navigate the menus by touch would be a huge first step in improving usability.

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