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hungrylau wrote:

I think a lot of nonsense comes from this OP in particular..

oh really ?

there are ten thousand videos and reviews on line about how Canon beats Sony with regard to color science

You must be a die hard jpg shooter, unable to configurate the available in-camera color settings in your camera.

There are also tons of tests and blindfold queries that point the other way.

same goes with the menu system

Have you ever worked with a Sony camera? Menus are sorted logically in groups, and the labels are understandable if you know the photographic concepts. And when the camera is properly set up, you hardly have to revisit the menus.

Got it? Probably NOT.

same with the ergonomics which Sony has now changed on the VI

There is little difference between the previous generation and the A7rIV/A9II. The newest generation have a bit deeper grip and larger and more tactile buttons. This is good, but doesn't mean that the previous models are bad.

Try using some Sony cameras at a daily basis for a period, and you will soon find other cameras "worse" by ergonomics and menu system, because you are not used with them.

As a raw photographer, color is not an issue. But I know how to adjust in-camera jpg color settings, if I ever should be tempted to switch to jpg file format.

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