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Hi, about the cameras I'd take the Olympus EM1 mk 2 without hesitation. The AF, features, size and olympus lenses make it a superb camera.

BUT, your EM1 mk 2 come from Grey market ( hong kong) while the G9 is from a good actual shop in France with 3 year warranty. If you are ok with Grey market I'd personnaly go with HDEWcameras. It's a very good shop with good support and 3 year warranty too. if you're not G9 it is..

Thank you for your contribution. Re the AF it really depends whether you need PDAF or not. I must confess the DFD autofocus of the G9 is darn fast. Certainly not slower then my A7R2. What are the features of the M1.2 that I would miss with the G9, if I may ask?

RE grey mearket I am not against, in principle. If the source is reputed I am fine with it.

But I'll check HDEWCameras for good!



If you are ok for grey market I guess you should also be able to find some great deal for G9.
I am also into the market to replace my 'old' M5 MKII.
Currently best offers in france from known internet resellers seems to be about
1499€ for M1.2 -150€ olympus special offer until 15th of January
and 1199€ for the G9 -200€ panasonic cashback. That makes a difference in favor of G9.
Not taking into account various current 'Black Friday offers' that might spare a few euros more.
I also keep an eye on new M5 MKIII as at 1199€ it is not so expensive given that for the most part it is on par with M1.2 and brings some interesting new options.
Might be available around 1000 - 1100€ soon, but since I have considered the G9 and its last firmware upgrade I can't make up my mind!
I am very tempted to switch to G9 but it is in a totally different league regarding size and weight. I am afraid I might loose the advantages of compact m4/3 for traveling and day to day use. I must say I also have Nikon D750 and D810 for higher quality landscapes, portraits and studio.

I just finalized the purchase of my second G9. I got it at an incredible price (hope it will materialize for good..) with extended 4 yrs warranty. Although not exactly a small camera what I appreciuate a lot is its handling. It fits perfectly my hands and all the buttons are right there, where you expect them to be. Size matters but I am not a radical. Handling comes first. Lenses will have the same size of any other MFT camera out there. Some, like the m10.2 needed a L-bracket for me to be grabbed wit a certain degree of confidence...

To be honest I think my A7Rii will collect more and more dust....

Right now the last promo offer for G9 at digit photo is 1199€ -10% and -200€ pana cashback
That's 879,10€ in the end ... more and more tempting, but I will first try to get a hand on it today and check if it is not too bulky.
I used to order from grey market and all those china dealers some years ago, but for smaller APN or few accessories, not a lot of risks.
But I will not anymore today, considering that there is a high risk of custom penalties once delivered in France and it will be difficult to benefit from the warranty.
This is from a personnal experience, your order will get stuck at the shipping company wharehouse and you won't get it until you move to their office to pay the additionnal custom taxes and administrative fees, which by the way always seem too much.
Very stressfull experience dealing with quite unpleasant people most of the time!


yes but since you are in France you are better off ordering it from photo denfert which has the G9 at 899 euros without having to worry about sending all the paperwork to Panasonic and the promo is valid until the end of the year

I  agree with you about ordering stuff outside Europe


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