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Re: Sony ergonomics, menu system, controls and colors ...

Pixel Pooper wrote:

People are always going to complain about something, and now that Sony has the best sensors, best AF, and best lens range, all that is left to whine about are these relatively minor gripes.

These things are all subjective so you can't please everybody, but it seems like more people are jumping ship to Sony than from Sony. Where do you think Sony gets their customers from? Most are ex Canon and Nikon users.

This is a reason why ergonomics are much complained. But it's not necessarily a reason why sony needs to follow canon or Nikon's ergos. They were admittedly not great, but V3 bodies are much improved.

I went from 15 years of karate to boxing ,Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu jitsu. I didn't complain about the different ways I needed to move my body. I had to learn to adapt and change.

Regarding the canon or Fuji colour issue, the simplest thing is just to buy those brands. I'm not going to complain about how a Volvo GTI gearshift is configured so much differently to a BMWs.. I'm just going to have to adapt, or sell up to be happy.

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