Volunteered for school Hockey team photog. What's a good photo sharing set up?

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Re: Volunteered for school Hockey team photog. What's a good photo sharing set up?

Max5150 wrote:

I'm taking pictures of our high school's hockey team need to get set up on a photo sharing site. Free would be nice, but can fund a relatively inexpensive subscription. The parent's want to download the pictures they want. A couple people will be working on picture editing and printing for school's various media and for making posters, etc. So, a few people will need to be able to upload and download to the account. BTW, I use Raw Therapee and DXO, other's in our group probably use Photoshop. Not sure if that poses a problem?

Are there any free or relatively inexpensive cloud storage sites that permit multi user access that stand out? Google Photos stores full resolution pictures to Google drive which is $1.99/month for 100GB, and could be one possibility.

You don't need to pay anything to store full resolution original images on Google Photos. A free account allows that . It does put a (generous) limit on the total storage space, though. It's currently 15GB. If you want unlimited storage you have to keep the image files at 16MP or less, but that's still free.

If you don't mind setting up a Google account that people who upload images will share, that will work fine. People who download images don't need a Google account. What you do is set up an online album as private so that only people who know its URL will be able to access it, then share that URL with the parents.

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