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doady wrote:

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Lee Jay wrote:

fferreres wrote:

I am not saying you will not use them, or that they will absolutely vanish. I think most will abandon them.

Most never bought them in the first place. It was the same in the film era - fixed lens compacts out-sold SLRs.

So what? Do we care about what people who don't care about photography use?

You shouldn't. Why would you? The only effect on you is what happens to your choices as the buyers depart.

Agreed. Micro Four Thirds users obviously are not as serious or knowledgeable about photography as a full frame user like yourself. If their standards are low enough to be satisfied by a Micro Four Thirds camera, they will be equally as satisfied by a smartphone. It's only a matter of time before they all realize that and ditch all of their Micro Four Thirds cameras and instead just use their smartphones to get similar results.

Sorry, but I also own and use EM1 and have a few M.Zuiko Pro lenses and they are very good. You confuse the messenger with the message. Good thing is we don't need to discuss anything else, just wait. And note, the fact that I told you, influenced in no way the outcome. You just didn't like the news and I agree...I also don't like it.

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