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Re: New to Digital

I will say from owning both a d600 and now the d750, the main reason I chose these cameras was the dynamic range and being able to recover details from the raw files. This flexibility is only available if shooting raw. I would also state that it depends on what you are shooting. I mainly shoot events and weddings so I want the insurance/flexibility that the raw files offer when it comes to correcting exposure and white balance in post. I can push the raw files easily 2 stops over or under if needed. I also use dxo photolab which plays extremely well with nikon raw files and allows for prime noise reduction (which is an amazing tool compared to built in camera noise reduction).

With all that said, sure you could stick to jpeg but would be missing out a lot of flexibility in editing. I also feel a lot of landscape shooters love being able to recover details in the shadows and that can only be done in raw.

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