Do you expect any new telephoto lenses from Canon in 2020?

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Re: A Couple Of Questions For Rexgig0

Rexgig0 wrote:

fastnsharp wrote:

Don't be mad at Canon. They can only offer the products that people will buy and will keep them in business. The fact is mirrorless is taking over, and for good reason, it's just implicitly better. This is evidenced quite clearly when a low end Sony APS-C camera can torch the 1Dx mk II in AF performance. Something has to give.

Did you conduct a side-by-side AF test of these two cameras? If not, how do you know this to be true?

I am not defending any turf, here, as I do not own a 1DX Mark II, and Canon is but one of three systems I use, but I do like to keep up with these things.

I have not compared them.

What the Sony can do that the 1Dx can't is flawlessly track someone moving around in a scene across 100% of the frame without having to move the camera or change focus points while intelligently maintaining focus on the subjects head, face, or the nearest eye depending on how they're oriented to the camera...

Maybe if we're lucky the 1Dx mark III will do this? Or maybe the "Pro" R?

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