Do you expect any new telephoto lenses from Canon in 2020?

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Re: Do you expect any new telephoto lenses from Canon in 2020?

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I just saw a story in my google news feed that the pro version of the EOS-R is supposedly coming with some kind of hybrid EF/RF mount system. Maybe that means the EF line isn't dead after all. Or it could just be to appease pro's who already have a bunch of EF L lenses they dont want to replace.

people that are heavily invested in EF "L" lenses, are reluctant to dump their wonderful lenses that cost them an arm and a leg, just to move to ML cameras and lenses and i am sure canon realizes that so they are walking on a fine line not to get those EF owners upset, IMO, and count me as one of them! a few professionals and some enthusiasts may get enticed enough to take a chance and sell out their EF lens inventory and find out that there is not much IQ difference between the 2 any ways, i think it is gonna take a long while until canon convince people that ML is the way to go! it takes time for us old codgers to yield and accept new technologies while the "old" one is still working perfectly but the change can still happen in a slower pace.

Don't be mad at Canon. They can only offer the products that people will buy and will keep them in business. The fact is mirrorless is taking over, and for good reason, it's just implicitly better. This is evidenced quite clearly when a low end Sony APS-C camera can torch the 1Dx mk II in AF performance.

please don't mind me laughing but the last time i checked (last week NFL, i believe), i noticed canon white lenses being used almost on the entire photographers' section, and i am pretty sure they were mounted on 1DxmkII cameras   so, until i see the professionals drop their 1D bodies and rush over to get in the line to purchase a Sony tiny APS-C to do their jobs better, i won't believe it

Something has to give.

I just think its a shame there are so many Canon shoo ters who haven't even given the R a fair shake because they're "invested" in EF glass. EF lenses work very well on the R.

i think people are waiting for the next Gen R cameras, not the BETA versions

Speaking of this hybrid mount, it was rumored awhile back that something like that was going to happen. So this doesn't surprise me at all.

i think your rumor proves my point that canon makes it at most effort not to upset its DSLR and EF owners' in order to make the transition as smooth and amicable as possible!


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