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Re: Sony ergonomics, menu system, controls and colors ...


seems like I read quite a number of threads where folks jump ship from Sony for those specific 4 items.

if Sony can be a leader in such hi tech areas as sensor development and eye focus , why cant they get the hand grip, portrait color science and an intuitive menu system right ???

just to be clear … I am not saying these things - but just look for yourself on the other forums at the number of Sony owners reaching out as they are about to eBay their Sony systems and buy Nikon, Canon R or Fuji

The ergonomic are good and bad at the same time: Sony cameras are smaller, which is good because you can carry them easier than others. I still miss the form factor of my old A7 first gen, I loved that body. But it’s also true that other cameras like the EOS R are more comfortable to use. Right now I use a Gariz leather lower case in my a7III pretty much all the time that solves the ergonomic issue, and when just going out with the camera and a small lens, I just de attach the case.

The menu system in Sony is a mess. It has been getting better over generations, but it’s still a mess. The good thing is that it has a million of options, but it fails tremendously both in the organisation and in the “explanation”. Many menu items are shortened in a way that it’s not trivial to find out what they means, and you need to be googling it (until of course you remember what they are for). In Canon, for example, in almost every menu item you can press the “i” (help) button and you can read an explanation. This, I think, was fixed in the A9, and I guess in the a7r4/a92 as well.

The controls with the latest Sony’s are not bad at all. A lot of customisable buttons that, when you get used to them, are a pleasure to use. I found that for some things the Canon EOS R or my M50 are faster to reach with the buttons, but for some other things, my sony a7iii is faster, so there is not a clear advantage here, at least for me.

And about colors, pretty much nobody in this forum will agree with Sony colors being subpar, but I do. It is not worth to go into the discussion again, because people see colors different, and some can start showing this or this other video where the youtuber concludes that Sony is better, etc. But I have processed thousands of files with Canon cameras and with Sony cameras, and whilst it’s true that Sony files malleability is awesome (dynamic range at low ISO’s, low noise), there is just something wrong with the colors, the color balance is not as beautiful as in canon files, and it takes a lot of effort to get nice results. I am nowadays very happy with the colors I get with my Sony, but I know that with Canon they are better and much easier to process. But as I said before, it’s up to people’s taste. When I see galleries online, I always find myself liking pictures taken with Canon much better than with Sony. And this is from different photographers, in different parts of the world, my favourite photographers all of them use Canon. And even some Sony photographers, when they use a Canon and share their pictures with Canon (or Nikon, or Fuji), I can tell the difference (for the better). But this is a Sony forum, people here either have a lot of sony stocks or a different taste so they will tell you that your editing skills are not good enough, or you are biased, etc. But for many people, the color science issue is a real thing, and I think in the future we should figure out a better method to analyse the different CFAs that manufacturers use in the cameras and how they affect colors. I know, for sure, that it is not as simple as a white balance issue or a color profile or software issue. It is deep inside in the sensor, and Canon sensors are just better for colors in my experience. But Most sony users care more about noise, dynamic range and crispiness when looking at 400%.

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