So who got an $999 D750?

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Re: So who got an $999 D750?

The camera is on its way back to adorama. I asked them to ship me a replacement as soon as they get the unit back. I did not feel comfortable keeping a unit that clearly looked like a return. Could I have checked shutter count? sure but I would rather get a camera that is not an obvious return. I had also ordered a refurbished d750 from them the previous month that came with a failing second card slot and sensor that had dirt all over it which sent me down this path of buying new. I did not include that in my original post because it was not about the last unit but this unit being a return after getting a bad refurbished last month left me less happy. I still buy stuff from adorama and love them and b&h but hope the next camera will actually be new. I looked today and they are temporarily out of d750's but I hope they get more in to send me another one. I hope it is not a situation where they just wanted to sell out of final inventory.

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