G9 or M1.2 ?

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Re: G9 or M1.2 ?

inlawbiker wrote:

Felice62 wrote:

Current deals en France.

M1 mark 2 at 849€ here and G9 at 899€ here

I wanted to add one more camera to my current gear (and get rid of some older bodies I still have).

I have the G9 and the M1. Until this weekend the G9 was at lest 200€ less than the best price i could find on a M1.2; Today the M1.2 is 50€ less.

I have been a Panasonic fan since the G1, but I went with the E-M1 II after trying the G9.

Why? First, I will say they are both so good it makes no difference in reality which you pick. Seriously, you can't lose.

To me, the Olympus is slightly smaller and feels better, the IBIS is marginally better and it has live composite mode.

If the G9 got live composite I'd probably have bought one, even though it's a bit larger than I would like. It's less expensive now, but a couple hundred makes no difference in the long run really.

The EVF is better and bigger. Dual IBIS works with more lenses, which I own and picked Olympus anyway. I also really like in-body charging, it's really convenient and I miss not having it.

See, if I traded the E-M1 II for a G9 I would be equally happy and unhappy, so it doesn't matter which you pick.



What is this live composite with Olympus I don't know that ???



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