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Rethinking the purpose of menus


seems like I read quite a number of threads where folks jump ship from Sony for those specific 4 items.

if Sony can be a leader in such hi tech areas as sensor development and eye focus , why cant they get the hand grip, portrait color science and an intuitive menu system right ???

just to be clear … I am not saying these things - but just look for yourself on the other forums at the number of Sony owners reaching out as they are about to eBay their Sony systems and buy Nikon, Canon R or Fuji

I think that there is much nonsense talked about menus and it is nonsense that indicates that many haven't kept up with camera development in the digital era.

Sony in particular is ultra customizable. The range of options and the number of customizable controls is truly bewildering. So try thinking about the menus in a different way. Just think of them as a large and comprehensive index. It's what you go to when you are setting your camera up, not what you go to when you are working. The controls you want can be instantly accessible for that purpose. via the Memory recall, function button choices and button allocation. If you are trying to dive into the menus when you are shooting, you haven't done your homework.

One caveat. They are not good cameras for beginners. They are at their best for experienced photographers who know what they want and where they want it and set the thing up accordingly. Newcomers are better served by cameras with dedicated controls.

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