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Re: Fuji XT-2 or Sony A7II

Eugleo wrote:

Cato1040 wrote:

Based on what I was reading, I came up with the following pros and cons:

A7II pros over XT-2

  • FF (better for nice DOF and low-light photography)
  • IBIS
  • can adapt good old lenses (as I don't mind MF for my use cases)

You can adapt lenses to the Fuji system too, though many of the older lenses would pair better with the A7II and there seem to be more Sony adapters out there, especially if you want AF.

I don't mind some MF lenses from the start, and later (once I know what I need), I don't mind investing in some quality native lenses. I just don't want to over-invest initially when I'm still figuring out my needs.

That's very wise of you. Many people rush into buying lenses they don't end up using much (me included).

XT-2 pros over A7II

  • IQ allegedly basically the same as A7II or better
  • great build quality
  • great handling
  • ... basically everything else is better or on-par compared to A7II

Image quality is harder to determine between these two. Handling is very subjective. Are you saying great handling from your experience or from other people's opinions, because it is subjective and many would say Sony has better handling. I believe the AF is also better on the X-T2.

Other people's opinions — unfortunately I'd be buying the Fuji used, so I won't be able to use it for longer periods of time to make up my mind myself. I'll have to rely on second-hand experience and then my first impressions.

One of the biggest downsides is the tiny grip. It's hard to hold for long periods of time in the hand, though if you use a neck strap, that won't matter much. Many also don't like the set dials and prefer things being controlled digitally, especially when switching between modes or for saved settings.

What about the importance of IBIS, could you comment on that?

It depends on what shutter speed you're using. I do use it and appreciate it sometimes, but I don't often shoot at slow enough shutter speeds to have IBIS help much. It's mainly helpful for video, which might not help you much.

There's four things that keep me from buying XT-2 straight away

  • I don't know whether I need IBIS
  • I don't know anything about Fuji lenses (are there any cheap ones out there, so I can have a nice range of focal lengths before finding out what I need and like)?

Sony does have more third party options, which often means cheaper options

  • I read some things about weird Fuji color handling (Ken Rockwell + some article that's being linked here on DP a lot) and I'm not sure whether Fuji si suitable for street & landscape work because of this

It depends on what editting software you use. The X-trans sensor has cause issues with some programs.

I use Affinity Photo on Mac, but I heard there are (relatively) a lot of options I could use to convert the Fuji-colored raw file to the "normal" one.

If you don't mind the extra step. I needed to do that when I had an older version of Lightroom and a newer body, which was really annoying. I'm not sure about Affinity's compatibility with Fujifilm.

  • I don't know if it's not stupid to invest in Fuji system now (I don't see many people using Fuji, I wonder why)

Sony is more popular, but Fuji is still a good system.

So, these are the most important to resolve. Could you please help me with that?

Sorry, not very helpful as I also gave pros and cons to both. It'll depend on what points you value more, which may be difficult as a beginner...

I'm glad you did; if you could chime in on the IBIS as well, that would be just perfect, but other than that, the answer would great! Thanks a lot.

Another problem I have is although I collected all the pros and cons of the individual cameras across many reviews, forum questions and videos, I don't really know how relevant they are relative to each other. If you could help me with that as well (i.e. "In low light FF only helps you one stop of light, which is almost useless anyway, but X-T2 being nice to manipulate is something you can appreciate every day" or something like that).

You could also look at the Sony APS-C system. Then you'd have the upgrade path to full frame...

If I go for Sony, I might as well just buy the FF now — the Sony A6XXX series don't offer much more than the A7II, apart from better AF (which I don't really need for my static objects). I'm only really considering the Fuji APS-C because I heard a lot of great things about it.

The main thing is if you end up preferring Sony, the APS-C system would be more compact for travel. You can pair it with compact full frame prime lenses like the f/2.8 ones offered by Rokinon/Samyang so they can be used for now and with the upgrade. The Fuji system is great too though. I chose Sony even when I was shooting with APS-C and am extra glad I did since it allowed me to switch to full frame easier. I was pretty torn between Sony and Fujifilm though for APS-C.

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