Fuji X-T2 vs Sony A7II

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Re: Fuji X-T2 vs Sony A7II

JayPhizzt wrote:

Eugleo wrote:

The main difference image quality wise between cameras/sensors lies in noise and dynamic range. Else you should mainly choose a camera based on things like autofocus, ergonomics, speed, build quality or other specific wishes/requirements you might have.

Thanks! Considering DR, according to Photons to Photos, Sony is better in that (in low ISOs at least). And what about IBIS? Won’t the lack of one often push me to high ISOs, i.e. bad DR and ultimately bad IQ?

With a larger sensor you generally get lower noise and more DR. FF is generally a bit better in these regards than APS-C, but it's not by much.

If you need IBIS or not of course totally depends on what shutters speeds you will be shooting at and how you hold the camera/lens. Fuji does have several lenses with OIS as well, though.

I know there's just so much you can generally say without knowing my exact use case and environment, but... It would help me greatly if you just said something like the following:

IBIS is useful for times above 1s, which most of the time means either

  • A long exposure landscape, but you might as well just take your tripod with you, or shoot sub 1s.
  • A city street in the middle of the night, if you want to keep your ISO at useable (sub 1600) levels.

So, probably, most of the time, most of the photographers, won't miss IBIS as much.

I know there's a lot of generalization (and frankly, there will always be some), but I'm actually in a worse position than you to evaluate my need for IBIS, because I don't really know when it's useful, not even in the general case.

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