Printing on matte papers

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Printing on matte papers

I have Epson P800 and I was always printing on 17x22 Legacy Platine papers. Those are semi-glossy and the colors are very vibrant and blacks are very deep.

I just bought 17x22 Epson Hot Press Bright because I wanted to re-print all my best photos on matte paper, because I always have to find the angle without reflections to see them properly. I keep my photos in the archival box, and not on the wall, so the environment in terms of lighting is always different.

I know matte paper gives the different feel to the images, and they won't be that vibrant as on the glossy papers, but while I'm soft-proofing in Photosthop, the results I'm seeing with paper simulation are drastically different. The images printed on Legacy Platine looks very good, very similar the ones on the computer, with the accurate colors, brightness and contrast. Is this normal and will my prints look like these I'm proofing? Is this the real effect or is it exaggerated as I read somewhere?

My workflow for proofing is following:

  1. I open my original photo in Photoshop (ProPhoto, 16-bit)
  2. Flatten all layers
  3. Duplicate the file and open one next to each other while soft-proofing one of them
  4. Proof Setup dialogue is as following:
    1. I chose the "SC-P800 Series Hot Press Bright MK v2" paper profile
    2. Preserve RGB Numbers disabled
    3. Rendering: Relative Colorimetric or Perceptual
    4. Black Point enabled
    5. Simulate Paper Color enabled
  5. I try to adjust the proofed image to match the original, but no matter what I do, because of that paper simulation, it looks very faded. Not just faded, but very faded, you can't barely see anything with the darker tones.

My monitor is calibrated properly with X-rite i1Profiler. I'm using the icc profile for that specific paper, but please note I couldn't find it on the Epson website for macOS, so I downloaded one from this website. Epson's website offers only these ICC profiles for Windows OS and for macOS I find only few Legacy papers profiles.

Before starting to waste paper, I would like to hear what are your experiences with proofing and printing on matte papers.

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