G9 or M1.2 ?

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G9 or M1.2 ?..my story

Felice62 wrote:

Current deals en France.

M1 mark 2 at 849€ here and G9 at 899€ here

I wanted to add one more camera to my current gear (and get rid of some older bodies I still have).

I have the G9 and the M1. Until this weekend the G9 was at lest 200€ less than the best price i could find on a M1.2; Today the M1.2 is 50€ less.

I have various Olympus lenses and some Panasonic and PL..

I love the ergonomics of the G9 and its size is no problem. I haven't grabbed the M1.2 yet but I like the m1 and, generally, all olympus bodies I still have..

Given IQ is no object would you help me with some considerations I am not able to come up with, in order to make a choice?

The most obvious difference lies in the different AF system choice of course but I do not shoot sports, if not occasionally, nor BIF.

Thanks for your contributions


Just bought 2 x G9 (to go with GX9)...here is my story..

I have 2 x EM1.2 (also EM1, EM5ii and EM10ii) and went with Olympus MFT system. To be honest, I loved the mirrorless but I wanted more resolutions (I print large posters for myself to hang on walls and also for my family of upto A0 size) and 16 and 20Mps was just a little small, so end up using switching to Sony A7Rii and A7Riii and Olympus was boxed up. Nikon System was too heavy to travel with.

Over the last a few months, I am using adapted shift lenses hand held with IBIS mirrorless bodies for cityscapes and architectural photography, which I love on my travels. With Sony, I can take 85MP with 3 x stitched pics with shift lenses without tripod.

I calculated that with shift lens on MFT, I can get at least 36-45MPs pics..getting close to my Nikon and Sony resolutions with MFT. I bought Nikon-MFT shift adapter...and NONE of my Olympus cameras' 'mirror box' clears the adapter! I was so disappointed and went back to using Sony. Then on spur of the moment on Ebay, I bought Panasonic GX9 to try using shift adapter again. After a few weeks of experiments, I am so very happy GX9 setup that I bite the bullet (and wallet) to switch to 2 X G9 + GX9 setup for my travels.

You can say that I am accidental Panasonic MFT user now but for me, GX9 and G9 will bring me back to MFT system finally where I want to be. Not convinced by High-Res modes (on Olympus) but Panasonic will have the option too. Looking fwd to Xmas holidays in Spain and France with my G9 and GX9!

Here is 3 x stitched pics using GX9 and shift lens using Nikon 18-35 lens as example.. 44MPs, uncropped.

Valencia Spain

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