27mm F2.8 opinions?

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Re: 27mm F2.8 opinions?

I use a 27mm + X-E1, but mostly stopped down to F/5.6 or more, where I find it extremely sharp edge-to-edge.  When I use it at F/2.8, it's usually at close range and it's hard to judge edge-to-edge sharpness in real world scenarios due to bokeh (but center sharpness is definitely there).  I've been very happy with this lens, partly because of its sharpness.  Great for black-and-white with high micro-contrast.

I also have the 14mm, considered to be quite sharp, and never find myself shooting with the 27mm and thinking that it lacks the 14mm's sharpness.

Used prices for the 27mm seem to me to be a bargain and I'd highly recommend anyone who doesn't have this lens to try it.  If you don't like it, sell it and you won't lose much.

The most common complaint I see about the 27mm is the lack of an aperture dial.  That's been a complete non-issue for me, I just use the wheel on the back of the X-E1 and check the aperture in the EVF.  I love the handling of the 14mm, but I value the small size of the 27mm and the combined 27mm + X-E1 package and wouldn't want its size increased for that.

If the 27mm were F/2 at about the same size, I would probably not consider any of Fuji's F/1.4 offerings, but I am now looking at them for better low-light performance.  Why not the 18mm F/2?  It seems there would be a noticeable decrease in sharpness from the 27mm.

Hope that helps.

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