Debating the switch from X-T2 to A73

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Debating the switch from X-T2 to A73

Hey all.

I made the switch about 2 years ago from a Canon 6D to the Fuji X-t2 and X-t20. After lugging around the heavy DSLR with "the brick" I wanted something much lighter to carry around. I ended up selling my Canon setup and jumped into the a6400 at first but wasnt a fan of the kit lens, and IQ and returned it and went for the X-T2 and 20 (something like to carry around).

I recently went back and looked over photos I took with my 6D on a trip and was amazed how amazing the images looked. The FF quality blew me away. Granted I love my Fuji system but have been thinking I do want to get back into a FF system. Editing those 6D images were such a pleasure, so easy compared to how it can be with Fuji Raw (I do use Capture One).

Having given all the background I have been looking at the A73, not a bad entry price for the body and I guess the lenses are not as expensive for FF glass? (looking at the Tamron 28-70, 35mm 1.4, 55mm 1.8)

Curious if anyone here made the switch and regretted it. NOT LOOKING FOR A FLAME WAR.

I do have a significant amount of glass for Fuji (16-55, 18-55, 23mm f2, 35mm f2, 27mm f2, 55-200).

I figured I would keep the X-T30 (upgraded when Amazon had that amazing deal a while back) and maybe the 23 or 35 and 27, just so I have something small.

My biggest worry with Sony is glass, Ive read so much that it is insanely expensive compared to Fuji.

To say what I mainly shoot, street, night street, landscape portraits, travel. Don't really do video but maybe I would since a73 has ibis.

Any thoughts are appreciated.

Canon EOS 6D Fujifilm X-T2 Fujifilm X-T20
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