HOGAN: Z-AF tracking is on par with Sony, only one problem

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Second last camera syndrome

I think Thom is one of the best reviewers out there. I certainly have never found the continuous AF of any mirrorless to match a good (not even best in class) DSLR. (albeit I have not used the A9/A7R4). Single focus "Accuracy" on static subjects can be better with some MILCs. However, really understanding the subtlety of what's going on with different camera AF systems (single, continuous, and tracking), while not besides the point, involves a bit more discussion.  If you want a camera to continuously AF over a selected point, nothing beats D4/5/D850 series bodies, and few things beat D3/3s/700/8xx

I think something else is going on with Nikon and Canon - which is, that their mirrorless bodies' AF perform as EXACTLY as intended for a reason.

I'll call it second last camera syndrome.  They could make their MILC AF sensor perform as well as their top DLSR, but they didn't.  They will, but if they do, that just puts them back into "last camera syndrome" problem they're already in when they really want to milk the transition while simultaneously managing contraction.  It's pessimistic, but not out of character for a companies with huge installed base of users to pick from.  Thom says it more diplomatically when he indicates they aimed "just under" their own comparable DSLRs...  You buy a Z7 but it's not clearly better than a D850.  So, when a Z7mk2 arrives, you might get upgrade pangs that you wouldn't if the Z7 was what you wanted from the start.

I've been using a D800 going back 7 years now.  I added a D810 when I wanted a second full frame body and that was new to the market.  I sometimes hire D3/4/5 bodies if needed, but basically I'm not longer on a upgrade cycle for my own generalist purposes.  Things get replaced when they break/wear out.  I haven't bought a D850 or a Z7.  We did add a Z6 for video because we can use most of our existing lenses.  I'm a last camera syndrome guy then...

New systems are a convenient way to try to entice me to buy a bunch of stuff to do exactly the same thing my old stuff does.  Note 1 - we Z6 added for video, something the old stuff didn't really do for us...  Note 2 - the FTZ works really really well.  This is a convenient way to have users on two different platforms (F and Z) and tap the large installed base of pro users at the same time.  They'd obviously want us to re-buy the newest native lenses for each mount, but that's a bit too cynical, and since lens investments last for years if not decades, another avenue is to try to get users to ante- up for every camera body iteration between now and system maturity.

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