27mm F2.8 opinions?

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Re: 27mm F2.8 opinions?

Buttons252 wrote:

I just got an X-H1 + 90mm Bundle. I also have an X-E1 + 18-55mm F2.8-4. Honestly, the 18-55mm is not impressing me so far. Its not a big lens, but it still prevents the X-E1 from fitting in my pocket. Considering selling it and getting the 27mm F2.8 prime. I would be a lot more likely to bring the camera with me to places. Without OIS i would probably be shooting the 27mm wide open a lot. How is the edge to edge sharpness ? Should I just stick with the 18-55?

I think the 18-55mm wide open at 27mm is F3.6 at least thats what ive been getting.

The 27/2.8 is a great little lens. It really makes any Fuji Camera pocketable, aside from maybe the X-H1

It's super sharp in the center but takes some stopping down to get great corners, I usually shoot it at f4-5.6 when I ahve lots of light available.
With how small a package it is, you just have to weigh your own expectations vs the reality of what can be achieved.

Unfortunately, the lens doesn't have a aperture ring but aside from that it's a joy to use and a really nice all-purpose focal length.
Low light with the lens is not recommended, it tends to hunt quite a bit on my X-T2.
If I had to sell all lenses but one, the 27mm would probably last I'd sell before keeping my Mitakon

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