G9 or M1.2 ?

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Re: G9 or M1.2 ?

Felice62 wrote:

Stephane SHG wrote:

Hi, about the cameras I'd take the Olympus EM1 mk 2 without hesitation. The AF, features, size and olympus lenses make it a superb camera.

BUT, your EM1 mk 2 come from Grey market ( hong kong) while the G9 is from a good actual shop in France with 3 year warranty. If you are ok with Grey market I'd personnaly go with HDEWcameras. It's a very good shop with good support and 3 year warranty too. if you're not G9 it is..

Thank you for your contribution. Re the AF it really depends whether you need PDAF or not. I must confess the DFD autofocus of the G9 is darn fast. Certainly not slower then my A7R2. What are the features of the M1.2 that I would miss with the G9, if I may ask?

RE grey mearket I am not against, in principle. If the source is reputed I am fine with it.

But I'll check HDEWCameras for good!



If you are ok for grey market I guess you should also be able to find some great deal for G9.
I am also into the market to replace my 'old' M5 MKII.
Currently best offers in france from known internet resellers seems to be about
1499€ for M1.2 -150€ olympus special offer until 15th of January 
and 1199€ for the G9 -200€ panasonic cashback. That makes a difference in favor of G9.
Not taking into account various current 'Black Friday offers' that might spare a few euros more.
I also keep an eye on new M5 MKIII as at 1199€  it is not so expensive given that for the most part it is on par with M1.2 and brings some interesting new options.
Might be available around 1000 - 1100€ soon, but since I have considered the G9 and its last firmware upgrade I can't make up my mind!
I am very tempted to switch to G9 but it is in a totally different league regarding size and weight. I am afraid I might loose the advantages of compact m4/3 for traveling and day to day use. I must say I also have Nikon D750 and D810 for higher quality landscapes, portraits and studio.

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