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Re: Funny, isn't it?

Magnar W wrote:

PWPhotography wrote:

Nevertheless those buttons, AF-ON, joystick etc truly feel more solid and feedback, and finally a much needed EC lock. High-DR EVF is great.

My first impression too, but not enough to make me upgrade from the rIII. Hopefully the next leap is global shutter.

Yeah not a big deal from IQ perspective. I just need two cameras close in resolution and base ISO DR, and happen there is so sweet EDU deal.

I never use APS-C mode so far in A7r III. But now assigned to AF-ON button (as I don't use back button AF) with this function in A7r IV. So seamlessly toggle between two modes and I even don't aware it's under APS-C (26mp) sometime but now PDAF extends to entire frame. It's a fun

Also assigned C3 (left at Menu button) to 'Silent shutter' (or E-shutter) and mechanical shutter toggle. I have read with E-shutter I likely to get further stable photos from FECS as there is no vibration in both curtains, which will be very useful in most landscape scenes without LED source and fast moving subjects without any IQ compromise.

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