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Re: I think you're missing the point

New Day Rising wrote:

You repeatedly write on here that you have no interest in anyone else's photos, yet clearly you take enough of an interest to criticise them.

If they are posted here, sometimes.  I almost never go in search of other people's "galleries" of photos.

Some of your photos are terrific. Some - like planes photographed from 20 miles away - are, frankly, dead boring.

To you.  Since you aren't the target audience (I am) I don't care what's boring to you.  My photos are for me, my family, or for specific clients if shooting professionally.  Other people's wedding photos are probably boring if you don't know them or weren't at the wedding.

I find your habit of walking through museums as quickly as possible, pausing at each exhibit for (literally) two or three seconds to photograph it so you can look at the photos later rather than experiencing the actual object at the time, strange.

Well, I've been to museums with literally thousands of exhibits (i.e. the USAF airplane museum in Dayton Ohio).  If I were to spend a few minutes at each one, that could add up to weeks of time spent, even if I were there 8-10 hours a day.

I have no doubt the photos are thoroughly boring.

To you.  Good thing I don't post them online so you don't have the opportunity to look at them.

You have, what, 700,000 photos in your archives?


Absolutely guaranteed at least 695,000 of those are going to be thoroughly boring.

To you.  Since their primary purpose was to document the things I saw and did in my life, they aren't supposed to be interesting to anyone else.  Likewise, almost no one else's images are interesting to me.

Yet I have seen many photos taken by people using a single focal length that are not at all boring.

I haven't.

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