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Re: Funny, isn't it?

Magnar W wrote:

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seems like I read quite a number of threads where folks jump ship from Sony for those specific 4 items.

Sony ergonomics are a problem for some who use other cameras, and try a Sony for ten seconds in a shop ...

Takes even less than that to decide that a bike without a seat is not going to be a comfortable ride 😜


Sony obviously realized that there was an issue as they have changed the grip depth and size on the a7r4. I find that one far more comfortable....and realized that after a few seconds in the shop holding the camera with various lenses.

I think all brands are moving forth and back when it comes to design and comfort, etc. Even Leica re-shaped the hard-edged SL1.

Received A7r IV yesterday. Already tried A7r IV in the Sony Creative Space a few weeks ago and had a full night hand-on experience last night. Honestly I don't feel much difference in handling between A7r III and IV. My hands are not small but with thin fingers and thin palm, far from chubby so never had an issue at the first place with original A7r

Nevertheless those buttons, AF-ON, joystick etc truly feel more solid and feedback, and finally a much needed EC lock.  High-DR EVF is great.  I am getting a L-plate as I put on every Sony body anyway that further extends gripping, protection and for arca-swiss tripod mount in either orientation anyway.

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