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PWPhotography wrote:

saltydogstudios wrote:

I learned on a completely manual film camera - the Pentax K-1000. The battery powered the light meter and nothing else (the light meter was visible through the viewfinder to help you set exposure). It was a 100% manual camera and worked even without the battery - you just had to meter your exposure in another way.

So for me a camera must allow me to easily change these things (Primary)

  • Aperture
  • Shutter Speed
  • ISO
  • White Balance

If you shoot in RAW, then this WB is irrelevant. I only shoot in RAW even with A9 in action photos.

WB is relevant if you shoot RAW. I believe what you mean to say is "capturing white balance in camera isn't necessary if you prefer to guess at the current lighting conditions in post production."

While I'm sure your workflow is perfectly valid, it does not invalidate other workflows.

  • Exposure Preview (for switching between strobe & natural light)

These are fundamental to photography. Any camera that hides these from me is "unergonomic."

Other features that are fundamental to photography are (Secondary)

  • Focus / Autofocus Mode
  • Focal Distance (lens dependent)
  • First/Rear Curtain Shutter
  • Drive Mode
  • Setting Custom White Balance
  • Image Size / Quality / Crop Mode

Nikon - has dedicated buttons for all of the Primary functions and many of the secondary functions. You can set a Custom menu screen to other options you want.

Fuji - has dedicated dials for most of the Primary functions and many of the secondary functions either have dedicated buttons or are accessible via the Quick menu.

Canon - is a bit harder to navigate but can do most of these with dedicated buttons.

Sony - has no dedicated buttons. You need the FN menu for most of the Primary and Secondary functions and there is no ability to create a Custom Menu.

You are incorrect. Sony bodies are highly customizable with those buttons and knobs that you can assign specific function.

Customizable is not the same as dedicated - almost by definition.

Sony bodies have all those buttons for your primary or secondary function (or could be assigned), two wheels for aperture and shutter, dedicated ISO push (the right-push on the back big dial) instead of a button. It works the same way as Nikon for example, you press the ISO push, rotate the dial to adjust ISO while with Nikon you press the ISO button and rotate the back dial to adjust, what difference? As said White Balance is unnecessary if you shoot RAW but still can be assigned to a button. 'Exposure Preview' or 'Set Effect View' in Sony term can be assigned to a function button.

Personally I dislike excessive wheels and knobs that only slow down the operation, such as the dedicated ISO wheel in Fuji that I can change ISO in Sony body quicker (as quick as just assign to the big back dial that only needs one rotation step if you want). I even think the EC wheel is unnecessary on Sony bodies as I need explicit two steps to adjust EC and ISO so I prefer Nikon Z7/6's implementation to put a small EC and ISO button next to shutter. The space left can put a top LCD screen.

For example - I switch between studio and natural light a lot. I've had to memorize how to get to "Exposure Preview" on/off.

Assign to whatever button (C1 to C5 or others) for 'Set Effect Preview' On/Off toggle, very easy.

* speaking from experience only with the cameras I've used.

Appear you don't have much experience in Sony bodies.

Actually I have lots of experience on Sony bodies. I've owned the A7 for years.

The problem is I also have experience on Canon, Fuji, Olympus and Nikon bodies and Sony isn't my main system.

When switching to the Sony, there's always a lot more to remember. I've certainly gotten used to it, but it's not something that's easy to pick up.

I remember a blog post from a Canon wedding photographer whose camera was lost in luggage and was forced to use his friend's Nikon D700. At first he was afraid that he'd struggle with the ergonomics, but he found his way around easy enough.

Now imagine that happened to someone with his friend's Sony - let's say your Sony with all your customizations. Lots of buttons and dials, none of them labeled, all of them customized.

I respect your opinions - but try not to tell people they're wrong for having opinions that are different from yours.

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