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Re: Funny, isn't it?

Magnar W wrote:


seems like I read quite a number of threads where folks jump ship from Sony for those specific 4 items.

Sony ergonomics are a problem for some who use other cameras, and try a Sony for ten seconds in a shop ...

Takes even less than that to decide that a bike without a seat is not going to be a comfortable ride 😜

Sony obviously realized that there was an issue as they have changed the grip depth and size on the a7r4.  I find that one far more comfortable....and realized that after a few seconds in the shop holding the camera with various lenses.

Menu system is ok, and even thirteen year old photographers can set up the camera. Menus are a problem for a few hours or days for those who come from other systems. And it is the same way around!

Controls are just fine, even in darkness or with gloves during a cold winter. What button can't you hit?

And colors - again, this is just an issue for JPG shooters who are unable to chose in-camera options for color settings. There are plenty of optional settings if you want different out-of-camera color.

RAW is all about profiles.

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