G9 or M1.2 ?

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Re: G9 or M1.2 ?

scottyinfrisco wrote:

mbike999 wrote:

I have owned and used both. They are both outstanding cameras.

The E-M1 II if you want the smaller camera with slightly better OIS when paired with compatible Olympus Pro glass, and higher reliability of the AF with fast action type shooting, or if you just like the feel and operation of Olympus.

The G9 if you want a better (IMO) hybrid camera with excellent video features, a focus point selector joystick, much better viewfinder and a more ergonomic body, better menus IMO. The AF experience is different because it uses DFD vs Phase detection. Some people are turned off by the visual nature of DFD when using AF-C (it didn't bother me personally), but my experience is AF-S is dead accurate. I also adore the pinpoint and AF Point scope features on G9. Similar to Olympus, you will have to purchase Lumix lenses to take advantage of Dual-IS feature.

In this case, given your shooting preferences I would pick the body that goes along with the lenses you want (although be assured that mixing and matching brands will still provide excellent performance) and choose which one you like using more if you can try them first.

You can't go wrong really.

I have and use both. I do shoot quite a lot of action, and for that the EM1.2 slightly edges the G9. Once you trust the Panasonic DFD the focus is very good. I do think the “wobble” freaks people out, but accurate as heck, even on moving subjects. For still subjects I think G9 wins. Video IMO is a toss up. G9 on paper wins, especially after FW 2.0. That said in real world experience the Olympus is excellent. After FW 3.0 on Oly, the AF in video is truly as good as anything out there.

Mbike’s comments are dead on, however, lens mix and match with no problem. There is definitely something in both Oly Pro lenses, and the PL series, the “something “ is different in each, both lines are brilliant.

In your shoes though, I think I would go G9. No losers here.

Thanks Scott. I've just pulled the trigger on the body alone and found an attractive deal on the 50-200.

WAP (wife approval plan) is going to be tough, though. Need to rationalize the existing lineup (12 bodies are a little too much for a hobbyst)..

First of all things I am an olympus affcionado and I simply love the build quality of the olympus gear. Owning a ferw lenses of both brands I prefer the feel Olympus lenses transmit.

That said, the G9 is really a great camera. Handles perfectly and it's packed with all the features I could dream of. DFD has proven being darn accurate and lightning fast.

I also have the speedy Sony 6000 and A7Rii and to be hones G9 is simply no lesser.



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