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Personal preferences & justifications


seems like I read quite a number of threads where folks jump ship from Sony for those specific 4 items.

A few things to get straight early on:

1. Some people will always move from one thing to another.

2. Some people move for reasons that are key to them, but might seem relatively minor to others.

3. Some people will want to move because it doesn't have the name of a real camera company on the front - if it had Canon or Nikon on the front, they feel that they would be recognized as a proper photographer (these are a minority but they exist). If Minolta had stayed in the camera business and shared the mount with Sony, there would have been two camps with sniffyness between them.

People in the third category, will want to look like people in the second category.

National characteristics also come in here.

North americans tend to go for a larger product. Cars are bigger, preferences are for bigger cameras. European and asian tastes tend more towards the small. The Sony bodies are probably more oriented towards the European/Asian taste than the North American.

The original Sony Alpha menus were based on the Minolta ones, then the NEX range was brought out which was a big change (not in a good way - the NEX-7 menu is still fairly inpenetrable after 8 years of ownership), but the later A and E mount cameras have gone back to more conventional menus.. of the issues is the amount of customization that Sony allow (and before them, Minolta used to do it too - the Analogue Dynax 7 really needed the LCD on the back to navigate the menus) - and that is going to lead to an extensive menu.

I agree that the NEX-7 menu was/is awful, but it was still livable with once you had the camera set up. personally I don't find anything to complain about in the current menus, or in the handling characteristics of the bodies, but you can't please everyone and Sony's policy of incremental changes is probably quite sensible.

if Sony can be a leader in such hi tech areas as sensor development and eye focus , why cant they get the hand grip, portrait color science and an intuitive menu system right ???

just to be clear … I am not saying these things - but just look for yourself on the other forums at the number of Sony owners reaching out as they are about to eBay their Sony systems and buy Nikon, Canon R or Fuji

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