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... anyone sticking to a M43 or small sensor format or pocketable, maybe not now, but soon, will have to confess they like it more mostly due to nostalgia or melancholy.

When smartphones routinely offer a wide range of lenses, eye-level viewfinders, articulating LCDs, bounceable Xenon flashes, real optical zooms, and real physical controls, and maybe even just built-in tripod sockets and sensible remote control capabilities ... then we can talk about reasons for buying a dedicated camera supposedly being 'mostly due to nostalgia or melancholy'.

It's a prediction. In 3 years, M43 will be a dead format for photographs. Only for semi pro video will remain.

Let's check back in three years to see if smartphones have picked up any of the things I mentioned. (In the meantime, I personally use three different dead or dying systems for almost all of what I shoot because they can handle the work.)

Smartphones are leapfrogging some of the things you mentioned. The customers that  smartphones are targeting are not concerned or interested with other things you mentioned. The targeted customer groups are large enough to severely cripple the regular camera companies if they are swayed from buying regular cameras.

What you use or want will not affect that.

Photograph oriented cameras will either collapse to mobiles or move up. No wonder Panasonic quickly reverse track and went FF.

What's a photograph oriented camera as opposed to some other type?

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