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Re: I think you're missing the point

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My subtle distinction above "(many of) these daily threads" was to separate Marty from the herd. I agree he was admitting he has reversed his position, and that's good. It's almost always a matter of degrees for people. They buy a new phone and realize that it can take up more of the camera's job. Both devices have a place in my daily life.

My point in that paragraph was addressing those people you mentioned - the ones who can use their phone for all their needs and they get rid of the camera. Their posts often try to convince us that b/c the phone is now better for them we should all make the full switch.

Can you link to any thread where the poster tried to convince you to make the "full switch " to a smartphone camera?

Yes, I'd like to see that link, too. I don't recall any posts every trying to get everybody to switch, but I don't read all of them. Still, it would be surprising to find that kind of a post.




Just to name a few.

I just read those posts, where specifically is anyone trying to convince you to switch from the way you currently take photos?

They seem to be declaring that they are switching but I don't see where they are trying to convince anyone to get rid of their current gear.


So no one has really tried to get you to dump all your gear and go with your smartphone alone.

You mean, show up at my house or something? How would they "try to get me" to do that other than implying I'm a fool or behind the times or something for not doing it, as in the above?

As others have said, those posts are simply people talking about their choices and preferences.

If you don't read into that what I do, then I don't think you're being totally honest. Those people are saying, "hey folks, look what I've discovered - cell phone cameras can replace my cameras [and therefore probably yours too]".

Which, no matter how you look at it (other than through a lens of paranoia and narcissism) this is simply expressing a choice and a preference. It is open to you to have a different opinion, as you clearly do. I personally feel no more pressured or coerced by this than by any other opinion expressed on these forums, including yours.

You constantly talk about your fisheye lens and your telescope. Are you telling me I'm a fool or behind the times because I own neither of those?

Those extremes are choices for me based on the subjects I like to shoot. However, I am critical of people who don't use a variety of focal lengths because their images are boring.

You repeatedly write on here that you have no interest in anyone else's photos, yet clearly you take enough of an interest to criticise them. It seems you are not being honest with us or yourself.

Some of your photos are terrific. Some - like planes photographed from 20 miles away - are, frankly, dead boring. I find your habit of walking through museums as quickly as possible, pausing at each exhibit for (literally) two or three seconds to photograph it so you can look at the photos later rather than experiencing the actual object at the time, strange. I have no doubt the photos are thoroughly boring. You have, what, 700,000 photos in your archives? Absolutely guaranteed at least 695,000 of those are going to be thoroughly boring. Having every focal length from 8 to 2,000 mm covered is no guarantee against producing boring work. Most of my photos, I'm sure, are boring.

Yet I have seen many photos taken by people using a single focal length that are not at all boring.

Go figure.

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