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Re: Sony ergonomics, menu system, controls and colors ...

I learned on a completely manual film camera - the Pentax K-1000. The battery powered the light meter and nothing else (the light meter was visible through the viewfinder to help you set exposure). It was a 100% manual camera and worked even without the battery - you just had to meter your exposure in another way.

So for me a camera must allow me to easily change these things (Primary)

  • Aperture
  • Shutter Speed
  • ISO
  • White Balance
  • Exposure Preview (for switching between strobe & natural light)

These are fundamental to photography. Any camera that hides these from me is "unergonomic."

Other features that are fundamental to photography are (Secondary)

  • Focus / Autofocus Mode
  • Focal Distance (lens dependent)
  • First/Rear Curtain Shutter
  • Drive Mode
  • Setting Custom White Balance
  • Image Size / Quality / Crop Mode

Nikon - has dedicated buttons for all of the Primary functions and many of the secondary functions. You can set a Custom menu screen to other options you want.

Fuji - has dedicated dials for most of the Primary functions and many of the secondary functions either have dedicated buttons or are accessible via the Quick menu.

Canon - is a bit harder to navigate but can do most of these with dedicated buttons.

Sony - has no dedicated buttons. You need the FN menu for most of the Primary and Secondary functions and there is no ability to create a Custom Menu.

For example - I switch between studio and natural light a lot. I've had to memorize how to get to "Exposure Preview" on/off.

* speaking from experience only with the cameras I've used.

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