My RF 70-200 f2.8 is front focusing

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My RF 70-200 f2.8 is front focusing

Sounds impossible, right?

I was enjoying my new RF 70-200, acquired over thanksgiving break on a vacation (and away from my test target and tripod) when I saw this thread over at FM Forums:

Nonsense, I thought. My lens is awesome. The pictures it takes are awesome. It's impossible for a lens to front or back focus on a mirrorless camera anyhow, right?

Anways, the thread gnawed on me, and when I finally got home I got out the target and the tripod.

Son of a bi____. My lens does it too. At 200mm, near MFD, f2.8, it focuses about 3mm in front of the confirmed focus point:

200mm @ 2.8, near MFD

At 163mm, near MFD, 2.8. Looks to be about 2.5 to 3mm in front of the target:

163mm, @ 2.8 near MFD

At 135mm, the distance is shrinking. Probably 2mm

135mm @ 2.8 near MFD

At 100mm it looks more or less cleared up, but maybe still 1mm? I took a 70mm shot also in my first test and it seemed perfect.

100mm @ 2.8 near MFD

Each shot was 100% repeatable. I took about 10 shots for each of these, with the camera on a tripod, 2 second timer and the focus mode in single point. Every single shot was identical to the one before it. Also I zoomed in to 10x, focused and then was able to get an even sharper image by turning the focus ring.

I went back and looked at all the photos I had taken. There was some slight pop missing from a lot of portraits. Other photos I couldn't tell. And then I found this series of 5 images taken with Eye AF, all with the same miss by about 2-3mm in front of the pupil of the eye:

I am contacting Canon tomorrow and will send the lens in to be repaired. If it comes back not repaired, I plan to get a refund from the seller.

If you read the thread over on FM Forums, mine is something like the 8th lens with this same problem. There is a shop owner in that thread who tested 3 copies on both the R and RP. I really don't want to mess around exchanging this lens for another copy if the problem is universal.

I'm posting this as a PSA for anybody with this lens- you might want to take a closer look, STAT. I'll update here on what happens with Canon.

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