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People want (Compact P&S) that can take Low Photo = Pixel 3A

The most common reason people site wanting to buy a dedicated 1" P&S or an APS-C DSLR is

  • Desire to take better Lowlights photo w/o noise
  • otherness any Smartphone is already Good Enough for daylight photo

what Google Nightsight, and Apple NightMode has done is effectively remove this SINGLE and most important reason to buy a dedicated camera.

Marty4650 wrote: I am one of those grumpy old men who always said that smartphone photography was just a fad. Well, it seems I was wrong. I recently replaced my four year old Motorola Moto X Pure with a brand new Google Pixel 3a, and was shocked at how good the Pixel camera was. It seems there has been so much improvement in smartphone cameras,

Yes and No.  No, camera wise they not much different.  What makes Google image superior = Computational Photography with clever Software tricks., Where as Chinese owned Moto X Pure is the old-school HW small smartphone sensor, without software computational photography, so photo SUCKS.

that they are now useful for more than just documenting where you parked your car. I still don't think anyone will be using a smartphone to shoot a wedding, for commercial photography, for sports/action photography, or for fashion photography

WHY NOT? iPhone 11 PRO can take instant HER video that dedicated camera cannot. it can also take 4K@60fps without overheating. Apple's software stabilization using gyroscope have shown to provide smoother image than any Olympus IBIS, making it the ideal vlogging camera. While Google 3a is good but Iphone 11 is clearly Better. What more upcoming Iphone 12 is only another 8mo. away, while Samsung S11 is coming up soon. Contrast this to a dedicated camera that (barely) got any significant HW upgrade (Olympus EM5iii) every 4 years. It's easy to see how Smartphone overtook camera.

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