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Re: I think you're missing the point

Lee Jay wrote:

Guy Parsons wrote:

Lee Jay wrote:

....... However, I am critical of people who don't use a variety of focal lengths because their images are boring.

So we can add HCB to your list with his boring 50mm lens.

Correct. I don't see why anyone likes his images.

I like a few but admit I have not seen his full volume of work.

He kind of did what I like to do, see a scene and then wait until people/cars/bikes/trains/whatever are in the "right place" in the frame. Not so much decisive moment for me but more having things look good in the frame.

They're almost universally awful. There's one I like, one is okay, and the rest are delete-in-camera, if that technology had been available.

As they note in the Wiki article the proper translation of the title of one of his books was not "the decisive moment" but more along the lines of "hastily taken photos". Make of that what you will.

I agree about one focal length being boring.

I see a scene to be framed and stand where it works, then zoom until the framing for that scene is right.

Perspective is where the camera is, focal length makes the frame. Stick with a single 35mm or 50mm lens and you lose that flexibility to get the image looking at its best.

In my case lenses from 7.5mm fisheye and for rectilinear 8mm with zooms up to 300mm with M4/3 and I use most of the range  a lot of the time. I would go nuts if I was stuck with a prime.

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