Sony ergonomics, menu system, controls and colors ...

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Re: Sony ergonomics, menu system, controls and colors ...

PWPhotography wrote:


PWPhotography wrote:

"Just make our own respective choice based on our preference and priority, why we should ever care others' opinion?"

that's close minded.

using your logic nobody should give any thought to the close to ten thousand posts you have made in the past 5 years on the DP forum

That is right that we don't have to care each other's opinion, just between us.

But still since you have already made mind dislike all these design/setting in Sony cameras, so why you still bother to post such thread in this forum as you have repeated a few times? This time there will be no difference. In your opinion it seems Canon should meet all your expectation much better if you want to move to FF, why wasting your time into a system you are very dislike? Get an EOS R that should take better photos than your current APS-C system. There is a holiday sale now so don't miss it

wow you have an ego

you actually think you are a visionary photographer - LOL

one final time - its not your place to give me  intructions - I have now placed you on "ignore "

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