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Re: I think you're missing the point

Lee Jay wrote:

tcg550 wrote:

Lee Jay wrote:

tcg550 wrote:

Lee Jay wrote:




Just to name a few.

I just read those posts, where specifically is anyone trying to convince you to switch from the way you currently take photos?

They seem to be declaring that they are switching but I don't see where they are trying to convince anyone to get rid of their current gear.


So no one has really tried to get you to dump all your gear and go with your smartphone alone.

You mean, show up at my house or something? How would they "try to get me" to do that other than implying I'm a fool or behind the times or something for not doing it, as in the above?

I read those posts, no one implied you were a fool or behind the times.

They state with great enthusiasm that they have adopted a smartphone for all or most of their needs. Please show one post where they tell you you are a fool or behind the times for not dumping your gear and doing it their way.

You may be reading that into it but no one has said any such thing.

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