Do you expect any new telephoto lenses from Canon in 2020?

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Re: Do you expect any new telephoto lenses from Canon in 2020?

TheBlackGrouse wrote:

Rexgig0 wrote:

TheBlackGrouse wrote:

Please, give us a 500/5.6 L.

A good EF tele prime, suitable for hiking, with a price somewhere between the 100-400 II and the 400 DO II.

I like the idea of a 500/5.6, and “liked” your post, but, could Canon match Nikon’s price point, when Nikon outsources the production of the 500/5.6 PF to China? If Canon must charge a significantly higher price, than Nikon, will there be too few buyers? We live in interesting times.

Hard to tell, since Sigma introduced the 500/4 at half the price of Canon and Nikon, fans of both brands tested it for months only to find out that it has the same IQ, AF, built etc... Canon has to do something.

A 500/5.6 L could be another winning lens just like the 100-400 II L. My guess is half the price of the Sigma 500/4 and Canon DO II. We may expect a 'strategic move', a lens with a lower profit for Canon because it's goal is to attract more customers.

Sigma used to make a 500mm f/4.5, perhaps a series of them. Something like a 500mm f/4.5 or f/5 could be built with up-to-date technology, and being faster than f/5.6, could justify a higher price point.

Really, f/5.6 is often a limitation, as I discovered when trying to use my Canon 400/5.6L in low light, and a reason that I was not really interested in the Nikkor 200-500/5.6 zoom, or the new 500/5.6 PF. (I shoot both Canon and Nikon.)

With the Spring and Autumn migrations passing through SE Texas, and many of the northern North American birds, such as White Pelicans and warblers staying here, in the Winter, I was ready for a 500/4 lens, with AF. (We have a Nikkor 500mm f/4P, manual-focus, with CPU contacts.) A Canon-mount Sigma 600/4 Sport was a strong contender. I was watching a pre-owned Sigma listed by MPB.

Off-topic, beyond this point:

My wife shoots only Nikon, and is a keen nature/bird/wildlife shooter, so it is far easier to get her blessing to spend money on a lens, if she can use it, too. Well, there was a pre-owned Nikkor 500/4E FL at our local enabler, er, I mean pro-oriented camera store, Houston Camera Exchange, in Texas, listed for less than $6500 US. This store will negotiate price, if a lens has been available for a while, as was this one. Well, that lens is no longer at HCE, because it is now in our home. Life is good.

For about the price of a new Sigma 500/4 Sport, we now have a Nikkor 500E FL. Yesterday, we went to the nearby Willow Waterhole, late in the day, and photographed, as the sun went down. Yes, a 500/4 is worth the added cost, because, well, its aperture can open to f/4, and it can be a good 700mm f/5.6, with a TC-E14 III. I needed every bit of that 700mm, for an interesting congregation of wading and swimming birds. An f/5.6 lens, with the TC, at the time, would have required a much higher ISO than desirable.

This 500/4E FL is realistic, for me, to use for hand-held shooting, as it weighs about an much as a Nikkor 300/2.8G VR I/II, but is better-balanced. Noted Canadian nature/wildlife photographer Brad Hill has reported that the Sigma 500/4 Sport is similarly well-balanced, though it weight several hundred grams more. I can only wonder if those several hundred extra grams would be a problem, for me, shooting hand-held.

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By accident of availability, I learned to use Canon and Nikon DSLRs at the same time. I love specific lenses made by both Canon and Nikon, too much to quit either system. Dabbling with Leica-M is fun, too. I am, certainly, not an expert.

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