G9 or M1.2 ?

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Re: G9 or M1.2 ?

Lens wise I have both Olymous and Panasonic. If I stay with Olympus I Will likely buy the mc-20 for my 40-150 pro. If I go Panasonic I will look into the 50-200.

Different spend, for sure

TBH I wouldn't hesitate to buy the 50-200 even if you go with the EM1 II. I tested it on the E-M1X and it worked fabulously. It's also remarkably small - it's a honey of a lens.

I know it's not an option for most, but in these situations there is nothing better than renting the camera, the only thing that comes close is finding a shop and taking your sweet time using both to see what you like better. The end results will be the same with either cam so it just boils down to sticking with what you know well or the novelty of trying something different that you might prefer slightly better.

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