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My point in that paragraph was addressing those people you mentioned - the ones who can use their phone for all their needs and they get rid of the camera. Their posts often try to convince us that b/c the phone is now better for them we should all make the full switch.

Can you link to any thread where the poster tried to convince you to make the "full switch " to a smartphone camera?

You've seen them, we've all seen them. The words aren't "You should sell your camera" - they post an image taken with the phone and the same one with their camera. And they point out that the phone is now better and it's no wonder camera sales are in the toilet. Arguments ensue and people who love what their phone will do post their pics, and on it goes. All trying to prove a point. Their device is better than mine.

From the beginning of this site's existence - Since I got the 10MP thingy I can't understand why people put up with 6MP. I bought a FF and it blows Micro 4/3 out of the water. Sony mops the floor with Nikon. It's the "putting you down raises me up" mentality.

I've said before I'll be first in line to buy a phone that can take the place of my camera. I'd love it.

No, I haven't seen any posts where someone is trying to convince you to fully switch to a phone camera.  The point is always that for the needs of many folks, the results from phone cameras are good enough, which explains the drop in sales of compact cameras.

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