G9 or M1.2 ?

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Re: G9 or M1.2 ?

Felice62 wrote:

Ranlee wrote:

I went the 2nd G9 route. My personal reasons are:

- The G9 is the best camera I have ever owned. I don't notice its size at all because it just seems to fit my hand perfectly.

- There are so many programmable functions and buttons I rarely need to access a menu anymore.

- As a travel backup I find it really sweet to have both bodies use the same charger, battery etc... and both having the exact same setup. If I do adjust functions or button assignments they can be synced easily via the saved setup on the SD card.

- The only nitpicks I have with the G9 are the slightly awkward location of the joystick and the operation of the front mode selector switch which I find too small and requiring to much effort to move. As I said, nitpicks.

- My travel lenses are now the PL8-18, the Oly 12-40 and the PL50-200. For the range they don't take up a lot room nor are they too heavy, and all perform excellently.

All that being said, the M1.2 is pretty tasty by all accounts so you will end up with a fine camera either way.

Thank you. It looks like the setup in my mind. When. I travel for leisure I don't mind the two rugged camera bodies.


If you plan on using your second camera extensively with your present G9 then I recommend getting a second G9.

I have two E-M1 Mk II and two E-M1X. I usually shoot with the E-M1X, and if I'm only using the second camera say for 10% of my shots I'll take an E-M1 Mk II with no grip. However, if I'm switching back and forth throughout the day I want both cameras to be the same. There's enough of a difference between the E-M1X and E-M1 Mk II controls that will slow me down on a busy shoot.

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