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for us... it isn't about replacing the camera

nevada5 wrote:

I've said before I'll be first in line to buy a phone that can take the place of my camera. I'd love it.

For the typical photography enthusiast, it is about augmenting and not replacing their cameras. This is simply another imaging tool that can sometimes be a more appropriate choice. Certainly more convenient, and often good enough for the task at hand.

And at other times it isn't good enough, so we still cherish our cameras and lenses.

This explains why DPR has so many phone reviews. And 100% of those reviews are about the camera function. Not one word written about their other features.

Since most of us also need a phone, doesn't it make sense to select a phone that can also make decent images?

Look at it this way.... audiophiles put a lot of expense and effort into getting an outstanding audio system for their home. They also have an audio system in their car, but it will never be as good as the one they have at home. But they still want something in their car that is pretty good, and if given a choice will always prefer the better car stereo systems. Because they care about quality sound when they are on the road, even if it isn't as good as their home system is.

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