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Guy Parsons
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Not got it

Not got it, as far as cell phones go, I simply don't have one, except the plain jane one that plugs into the modem at home.

As for phone photography, each trip we do to foreign shores over the past few years have seen more and more people using phones at scenic spots instead of compacts. Still a large number of system cameras though, but even they will fade more as the makers retreat to the high end with a higher unit profit and they become less affordable to those who simply want "a good camera".

Most times most phones are good for shots that will be shared to be seen on other phones. The ardent pixel peepers will always find faults, like the dreadful results I've seen from low light scenes where the phone takes maybe 6 pictures and sums them, naturally that often gives a walking person 6 faces. But even that will improve as they sort out better computational tricks.

As for me, no phone and no desire for a phone so to travel light I bought a good compact that lives in a small belt pouch and thus I have 20MP 1" sensor with a good lens for the "24-200mm" range, what's not to like? That plus an M4/3 kit and I'm ready for anything, maybe.

Regards.... Guy

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